Investment & Insurance


We feel that the quality of our personalized care and attention received at Palms Birth House is an experience worth investing in. We provide flexible payment options for our clients without Insurance, as well as reasonable payment terms for all services not covered by Insurance.


The discounted self-pay fee for our service is $6,500 and is due in full by 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Concierge Fee (for self-pay and insured clients)

Birth Center Experience: A $1,500 non-refundable deposit is required to register as a client with PBH.

Home Birth Experience: A $2,-00 non-refundable deposit is required to register as a client with PBH.

This fee covers additional costs that are not covered by insurance such as supplies, traveling, birth kit, birth assistant fees and much more.

The Concierge Fee deposit is included in this fee of which $800 will be due at your initial prenatal visit.


We work with most major insurance plans. Although some insurance plans will claim that we are an "Out of Network" provider, we are often able to obtain a gap exception. It is best to start the verification of benefits process as soon as possible, preferably before your first appointment.

We require that all clients obtain a Verification of Benefits report though our billing service, UR Biller. UR Biller will explore your plan details, discuss any special requirements with your plan representatives and contact you as well to explain their findings. UR Biller collects a $20.00 fee to run the VOB.

Please use the form below to contact our biller Vicci with UR Biller.

She will need some forms from you as well as a copy of your insurance card. She will let you know what else she may need to complete your verification of benefits.

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