We believe that women thrive with a tribe of women supporting them throughout their pregnancies and into parenthood. We aim to grow each mamas tribe by providing Prenatal care in a group format. Our program is unique as we create a sacred space where our clients will learn different topics related to pregnancies, and share their experiences with one another. In a Circle Care session, the mama will participate in a health assessment, intimate group discussion, creative art projects, prenatal education, and traditional Midwifery care. Each mama is provided with their own syllabus to keep with them throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period to reflect on as needed. At Palms Birth House, we treat each woman with honor, respect, and sacredness as she embarks on her pregnancy journey. 


For information:

Palms Birth House offers customized care for every clients budget and needs.  Our practice takes a limited number of clients each month. This ensures that each family has the full attention of our team.